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Juicy orange & juicy pussy

Juicy orange & juicy pussy (20m:43s)

Juicy orange & juicy pussy You guys know that it doesn’t take much to get your Spunky Bee excited. Today, I was bored and hanging out in my bedroom when some juicy oranges got me all hot and bothered. Just the act of peeling the flesh off of those ripe fruits made me think naughty thoughts, especially as my hands got sticky with all the sweet juices. It tasted so good to close my eyes while putting the orange into my mouth and start sucking. All that sweetness made my little pink fruit get wet and juicy too! I started to take off my yellow dress and tease my perky nipples into hard points. I took out my red dildo and first warmed it up between my teen titties and then made it juicy in my mouth. The whole time I was imagining that it was your cock I was playing with and you who was going to fuck my tight pink pussy. I took my time sliding the toy up my folds and into my sweet spots. It was hard to control myself and soon I was going wild with my toy and masturbating for you until my teen snatch exploded all its juices.

Duration: 20m:43s

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Tags: solo

Models: Spunky Bee

Categories: SpunkyBee

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01 May, 2013 by wank13212:

more action with dogs please....


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