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Lana and Rex

Lana and Rex (27m:28s)

What started off as an innocent walk through nature turned into wild teen sex outdoors. Lana and Rex just couldn’t control their passion for each other and their urge to slide their bodies together into one hot, panting being. It felt so right for the Teendorf couple to explore each other’s deepest parts while in nature. They weren’t even shy or afraid of getting caught while stripping each other out of their clothes. You can see just how horny this teen girl is from the way her perky nipples stick out like tasty jelly beans and her shaved pussy is glistening with fresh juices. The sexy teen gets down on her knees in the grass and fills her moist mouth with Rex’s big cock. She sucks on that rod with such ravenous hunger that Rex almost bursts into the back of her throat. Before he can, the teen boy turns over his girlfriend onto all fours. He thrusts his big cock deep into that teen pussy and slams against her firm round ass. The horny Teendorf teens are dirty with grass stains and sticky cum by the time they have unleashed all their passion during the hot outdoors teen sex.

Duration: 27m:28s

Viewed: 95577

Tags: outdoor

Models: Lana, Rex

Categories: TeenDorf

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