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Maria and Havel

Maria and Havel (35m:25s)

Busty brunette Maria has been itching for a nice fuck all day long, the classes were long and boring, the day was tauntingly sunny and she’s been in the mood to fuck since she opened her eyes to the sound of the buzzer, but she had classes and her lover was asleep. Well, now she’s home, horny and Kris is awake, more then up to the task of ripping off her clothes and fucking those tight and juicy love holes hard! That’s right, Maria and Kris got into a frenzied teen sex session, Maria had all of her clothes torn off, revealing sexy pair of juicy teen tits, a fine ass and long legs that look great high up in the air with Havel fucking her brains out! Since they’ve got a place all for themselves, they don’t need to be quiet about what they are doing, they can be as loud as they want, with Maria moaning and groaning as Kris found all her sensitive places and went rogue on them, making that tight pussy twitch like crazy as he drove her to a hot orgasm.

Duration: 35m:25s

Viewed: 174978


Models: Havel, Maria

Categories: TeenSexFusion

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08 October, 2012 by manmad01:

Oh to spread my legs and take that cock deep inside me and get filled with his cum.


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