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Santana (14m:16s)

Blond babe got kicked out of the house while her parents fucked, but not before she grabbed the camera and decided to have some fun as well, when her parents can go wild, so can she! She decided to make hot teasing pictures of her flashing skin, but that soon got out of hand, the sensation between her legs as she posed and showed off got her thinking about masturbating outdoors. After all, her parents will be at it for some time, and she can take her time to please herself properly. She set up an improvised couch in the back yard, there no noisy neighbor can walk in on her clad naked and her shaved teen pussy spread apart with one hand while her other hand is circling around her clit, making her entire body shiver with pleasure as she’s getting closer and closer to a wet and hard orgasm she’s been dying for! She did manage to keep her voice own, usually she cums loudly, but with her parents near, she had to keep it down or they would notice what she’s doing and would confiscate her camera.

Duration: 14m:16s

Viewed: 166235

Tags: solo

Models: Santana

Categories: TinSeks

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28 March, 2013 by wank13212:

she is hot babe! wow!


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