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Minerva and Norman

Minerva and Norman (30m:30s)

Minerva is completely sexy and the teen girl is a bit of a naughty slut. But that doesn’t mean she is easy! The hot young babe makes Norman work for the delicious piece of ass and pussy that he gets. The couple starts out by kissing each other and slowly peeling of each other’s clothes. Once both horny teens are completely naked, Minerva sits right on top of her boy toy and teases him with her tight young body. She has the guy rub her up and down, making that teen pussy start to purr and let all its juices out. Only once she has gotten her fair amount of attention does the naughty vixen start to massage her boyfriend’s big cock. Minerva takes it right into her soft hands and works on the cock head, sliding it back and forth against her wet pussy lips. This is more than any guy could ever take and finally Norman goes out of control. He grabs onto the teen girl’s firm butt cheeks and pulls her body right onto his hard cock. Then this sexy teen really gets the hard fucking she deserves!

Duration: 30m:30s

Viewed: 90238

Tags: spy

Models: Minerva, Norman

Categories: TeenSexReality

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